The original "talk therapy" because of the importance it gives to speech, psychoanalytic therapy encourages talking freely about problems, the past, the present, the future, even dreams and fantasies. Talking openly like this allows for the pain of experience to soften and for a person to confront the conflicts that he or she has been reluctant to face. In an era of manualized treatments and short medication management visits, it offers a place and a time where a person has the liberty to speak without inhibition.


COVID-19 Alert

I regret to inform that due to the current coronavirus pandemic I am unable to accept new patients until further notice.  If you are an established patient I will continue your regular sessions and any other needed consultations on-line through the telehealth services of Millenia Psych until this crisis is over. Please call me, if you have not yet done so, to arrange for this service.

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