Psychoanalysis has been practiced for more than one hundred and twenty years and continues to be practiced today throughout the world. Since it's origins with Sigmund Freud it has evolved into multiple schools and traditions which vary theoretically, regionally, and clinically.  Dr. Ysern practices within the Lacanian tradition based on the work of the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan (1901 - 1981).  This approach differs from the better-known psychoanalysis  of cartoon fame in that it does not require 50 minute sessions 4 times a week nor the use of a couch but rather adjusts the length of sessions, frequency of visits, and use of the couch to the clinical needs of the analysand. However, a more important distinction is that Lacanian psychoanalysis is based on a return to Freud's original discoveries in terms of language and not as a one-person (ego) nor a two person (relational) psychology . This difference remains fundamental to this day and defines any Lacanian approach to psychoanalysis.